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Subscription Fee

Only R49.99 per month

Electronic Funds Transfer

Only R3.41 per transaction

ATM Cash Voucher

Only R11.00 per R1000

Mobile Wallet

Only 0.5% capped at R2.50

To register your organisation as a CHIPS® user, please click on the button below to access our online registration process. 

Once registered, your application will be processed for FICA compliance. Once approved, a CHIPS account will be opened for your organisation and you will receive the necessary information to access your MoneyManager portal to set up your company’s organisational profile and to start receiving and making payments.
If you need more information, please use the Contact Us tab, complete the form and we will get back to you.

The CHIPS Payment Network, provided by Trustlink to the South African market, is a secure mechanism that enables organisations (i.e. merchants, service providers, government services, schools, churches, charities, etc)  to create private peer-to-peer payment networks between them and their CHIPS-enabled counterparties, such as suppliers, customers, employees, members, etc.