The InstaPay® TaxiPOS is a mobile application available on the Apple AppStore and Google Play store that provides for a convenient, safe method where a Taxi driver can use iOS and Android supported devices to monitor payments from commuters getting onto the taxi. Payment acquiring is achieved using a static QR (token), thus enabling the Taxi driver to view payments in real-time whilst the payments are received in the Taxi Owners Cash Management Account.

Payment methods and payment types, including:

  • QR (token) based payments facilitated through mobile apps such as Masterpass, SnapScan, Banking Apps, or the CHIPS® Money Manager mobile app
  • Other compatible wallets, vouchers or USSD that can scan or input a code

Full transaction history (of all linked Taxis) is available to the Taxi Owner through the Paylink portal with access to reports in real time to assist with reconciliation and end-of-day processes.

InstaPay® TaxiPOS benefits




Linked to the Taxi Owner’s Cash Management Account

Instant settlements with same-day availability

No rental fees or setup costs





Multiple static QR codes can be linked to one  Account

Remote payment with immediate notification

Payment possible during power cuts